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The Skin SOS wart removal kit contains the following:

  • Wart Removal Solution
  • Healing Cream
  • Cleansing Swab
  • 2 x Cotton Buds (Q-tips)
  • 2 x Applicators
  • 1 x Emery Board

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All ingredients are 100% natural

Wart Removal Solution: Carbolic Acid, Retinoic Acid (Vitamin A), Crystalline Phenol (Coal Tar)
Healing Cream: Pearl Oil (Powdered Fresh Water Pearl), Songhua Powder (Calcium Milk Powder), Plant Hybrid Protein

 What Are Warts?

Common skin warts affect over 10% of the population today. These growths are caused by one of over 80 different viruses infecting the skin. The viral lumps can be found anywhere on the body, and can come in all shapes and sizes. The most common variety is found on the hands. Flat ones are found on the forehead or face, and are most common in children. The plantar variety are found on the bottoms of the feet, and subungual and periungual growths present around or under the toenails and fingernails. Finally, certain cysts may be found around and in the pubic area or on the inner thighs. Although none of these lumps typically harmful to one’s health, they can prove to be very embarrassing and unsightly but can be easily treated.

Your doctor will diagnose warts by the way they look, and their location. A physician may often choose to biopsy the growth to rule out other issues, such as calluses or corns. A viral growth may appear a great deal lighter or darker then the skin around it. They may also appear in groups on the legs, arms, or face, presenting a small smooth and flat surface. Rough lumps may appear under a toenail or fingernail. Lesions that are small, round and rough appearing on the soles of the feet may be somewhat painful if depressed, and may even lead to difficulty running or walking if left untreated. All viral growths are usually much harder than the rest of the skin.

Children and teens are most susceptible to developing warts. Because they are caused by a viral infection, due to the human papillomavirus (HPV), direct contact with either an infected surface or person can transmit the infection. Other causes of viral growths include scratching or biting an existing infected area, sucking on one’s fingers, biting of the fingernails and shaving. Damaged skin is much more susceptible to developing the virus. HPV is not cancer causing on the skin. Once the HPV virus is engaged, keratin is produced too quickly. Keratin is a rigid protein in the top layer of your skin’s surface, called the epidermis, which produces the hard lesions.

Certain complications, although rare, do occasionally occur as a result of warts. Self-confidence may be negatively impaired, and scarring is a possibility. For those with weak immune systems, the virus is harder to be cured as explained during this episode of Embarrassing Bodies in the case of a little girl who has a chronic case of Verrucas on her foot.

Treatments can sometimes be painful. Contact your physician if the growth bleeds, has a sudden change in appearance, continues to spread quickly or rapidly changes appearance.

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Wart Removal Kit If you are looking for a painless, quick, easy, 100% natural & scar free way to remove your warts then this product is the right one for you! SKU w001sos UPC Model

Success at last!!!!

Jul 07, 2015 by John Myers

Absolutely brilliant.Ive been trying to remove a wart from my face for over a year and have tried lots of so called cures but none worked. This product has cleared in a week what the others couldnt in all that time. My only advice would be very careful when applying as it can burn skin around area being treated if you don't watch what you're doing


Jul 01, 2015 by Jennifer Thompson

My son has had warts on his knees and hands for a couple of years now, we have paid hundreds to private surgeries to get them frozen which made them slightly smaller for a while and then they get big again. have spent so much time and money applying wart treatments every day so when I saw this I thought that I didn't have anything to lose. This product is amazing, all of his warts have gone so quickly even the very large ones on his knees. I cannot champion this product enough, so easy to use and totally effective. I am so relieved that we found this product. It has completely changed his confidence as he would not wear shorts before even in the hottest of weathers, now he can look forward to the summer. Thank you thank you


Nov 28, 2012 by Steven

What a relief this was, it got rid of a wart on my neck that I had for years, never thought it would actually be removed.

thanks for this great product

Thank You

Nov 28, 2012 by Wayne

Great product, worked like a charm, thank you

5.0 5.0 4 4 Absolutely brilliant.Ive been trying to remove a wart from my face for over a year and have tried lots of so called cures but none worked. This product has cleared in a week what t Wart Removal Kit

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