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Vichy are giving away free samples when you subscribe to their newsletter. You must ensure you accept the offer for samples when you sign up.

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You will receive info and samples that are specially catered for your skin care needs.

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Brunilda Houston

I admire the time and effort you put into your blog. I wish I had the same drive 🙂

Ozell Matott

Hi. Not certain if somebody told you this but your blog looks kinda abnormal in my browser.. maybe some code in your site design is incorrect. . I believe it may be an isolated problem … i.e its just me who is seeing this odd error. Opera might just be messed up.. btw Opera is the name of the browser I am using in case you didnt know… Im sure its very nothing but thought you should know about this just in case.. And thank you for all the cool blog posts, I loved what I read!

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