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The Keratosis Kit will treat several keratoses. This Liquid Formula contains 100% Natural Ingredients which are listed above. Application is easy.

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Skin Tags

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What are skin tags? Want to get rid of yours? Buy your Skin SOS Skin Tag Removal Kit here. All ingredients are 100% natural.

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Age Spots

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The Ag3derm Pigmentation Kit will treat up to 10 large patches of pigmentation. Ag3derm New & Improved Liquid Formula contains 100% Natural Ingredients

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Common skin warts affect over 10% of the population today. These growths are caused by one of over 80 different viruses infecting the skin. The viral lumps can be found anywhere on the body, and can come in all shapes and sizes.

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The skin disease that is known as psoriasis may affect both women and men of all ages. This is one of the skin diseases that can appear at any point in your life, even as a baby. Psoriasis is also one of the skin diseases that is largely misunderstood as many people are put off by the severe look of it and many are scared that it is contagious.

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Whiteheads, which are also commonly known as milia, can be described as small bumps on the skin that are white in color. Whiteheads, like blackheads, are related to pimples. Whiteheads are more or less acne growths that are caused by similar factors.

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Running Can Cause Cellulite!

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Most people think that lack of exercise causes cellulite, and women all over the world endlessly seek to find the cure to the ‘orange peel’ or ‘dimpled skin’. It has now been revealed that the exercise method most dread and many try so hard at to achieve the perfect body – running- can actually cause it!

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Skin Blemishes & Imperfections

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There are many factors that contribute to skin blemishes for a number of people. These factors include genetics, diet, stress, unfavorable weather, excess oil on the skin, clogged pores, aging and skin damage brought about by the harmful rays from the sun.

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Age Spots & Liver Spots

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Age spots are also known as liver spots and are pigmentation marks on the surface of sun damaged skin. Since they are caused by sun exposure, age spots are scientifically called solar lentingines. These present color varying from brown, gray and black.

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Almost everybody wants to have flawless skin. This is just not about being vain, it also affects confidence. Having a clean appearance gives one a positive outlook in life. The part of the body that gets the first impression besides the hair is the skin.

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