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The Ag3derm Keratosis Removal Kit contains the following:

  • Removal Solution (5ml)
  • Protection Gel (5ml)
  • Sterile Pad
  • Applicator
  • Emery Board
  • Latex Gloves
  • Instructions


* 5ml liquid supplied in 10ml bottle to provide sufficient ullage for shipping
(The bottle you receive should be half full)

Order Ag3derm Kit Buy @ $39.99

All ingredients are 100% natural: H2O2 FG Hydrogen Peroxide, Plant Extracts, Natural Vitamins, Petroleum Jelly

Product Description
The Keratosis Kit will treat several keratoses. This Liquid Formula contains 100% Natural Ingredients which are listed above. Application is easy. First you should roughen the surface of the keratosis with the emery board from the kit, then apply a layer of protection gel to the skin surrounding the keratosis right up to the edge. Wearing the latex gloves & using the applicator provided, apply the solution to the affected area. A mild stinging sensation is normal. You should leave the solution in place for 15 minutes, during which time it will begin to bubble & attack the surface of the keratosis, leaving a white residue as it dries. Simply rinse with water. You should repeat the treatment twice per day for up to 14 days. More or less treatment may be required depending on the keratosis. The keratosis will dry & form a scab which will fall off naturally. You should not pick the scab as it may cause scarring.

Ag3derm can be used to treat age spots, liver spots, brown spots, sun spots, solar lentigo, sun damaged skin, pigmentation, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, freckles, flat moles, keratosis & seborrheic keratosis.

You should not use Ag3derm on Melasma, Chloasma or Pregnancy Mask.

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